It Started With A Curl

A few years ago, after taking the plunge to shed my relaxed hair and embrace my natural texture, I decided to try my hand at creating a product that would moisturize my new found kinks and coils.  I used store bought products as well but I still was interested in creating my own.

As the years progressed and I continued to perfect the formula and expand its uses from hair to body, I found out I was pregnant.  

With the impending arrival of a little person, the needs of his delicate skin superseded my needs for touchably soft hair and smooth skin.  While I tried organic, plant based store bought options at first for convenience, they fell short in protecting and nourishing his skin.  So I began mixing different oils and butters to suit his needs as well as those of my own.  The product I created had to exceed the capabilities where natural, store bought moisturizers had failed.

Fast forward to present day. Sir Cale' Apothecary, lovingly named after my little person, has become more than just a product I created for my family.  It is my new beauty standard.  Handmade in small batches, each product is crafted for those who seek a natural approach to their skincare needs.  Each ingredient is carefully chosen based on the benefits to your skin now and the years to come.  Nothing artificial, organically sourced whenever possible and always made with love.  Our products are created not only to nourish the body but the mind as well.  Allow your mind to slip away be it for a few minutes or even an hour, while you nurture the skin you have been so wonderfully gifted.

Show your skin some love.  Give it the royal treatment.